Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our Home for the next 6 weeks.

Our Home for the next 6 weeks.
Once again we are off to the island of Rarotonga, the capital island of the Cook Islands. This is a short clip to give you some idea what paradise looks like.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Twelve little piglets.

Twelve Little Piglets.


These twelve little piglets were all over the place on a island back road just across from the island electric generating station. Only the sow was "Hog Tied." the little ones of course did not stray too far from mum. The video shows them nibbling on my shoe laces.

To me they remind me very much of the old English breed of "Gloucester Old Spots." I wonder if the missionaries brought the pigs with them in the early 1800's?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Cook Island Trading Company Supermarket.

The Cook Island Trading
Company Supermarket.
The CITC Supermarket in Avarura is far the largest supermarket on the island of Rarotonga. Not only does it conduct a retail business, but also a thriving wholesale business as well serving the majority of the holiday establishments dotted around the island. The variety of goods on offer are from either New Zealand or Australia, with a good assortment of local produce and fruit always available.
Here is an interior photo of the supermarket, with goods stacked well up and available for every need whether, singley or in case lots, depending on your shopping requirement. When ever I have been in the store it is always a hive of industry, and yet the staff have always got a smile and a helping hand if required.

The Avarua Bakery.

Avarua Bakery.
This very fine bakery, tucked away on a back road on the island, has to my thinking and taste, bakes the finest "Omega 3" bread anywhere in the South Pacific. The toast it makes is second to none.

This is a ground level photo of the bakery itself.

Here is a picture taken from space.

Here is a photo of one of the loaves of bread made fresh every day and distributed thoughout grocery stores on the island. This bread is so popular, that if you are a late shopper, you may find that it has all gone off the shelves.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Always Smiling Staff.

Always Smiling Pai.
On the 7th of December 2009 Pai (pronounced Pa-He) was on duty at at 7.00 a.m. To greet us all with a big warm hug and a nice cold drink of fresh Mango juice. As we had been there for the past three years, she said you know where to go and I will bring the luggage later, which arrived in about 15 minutes to gether with our stored Christmas decorations. Needless to say we find all Cook Islanders very happy and warm people. If you take the time to learn their basic greeting of Kia Orana, you will find an even warmer welcome.

Here are a couple of the Muri Beachcomber elves on Christmas Eve 2009, who came around to wish everyone a Merry Christmas in true island tradition.
The Muri Lagoon is pictured in the background of the photo.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Holiday Bungalow.

Our Christmas and New Year
Bungalow for 2009-2010.

From here we wish all our friends and Blog followers a Very Merry Christmas and a very good and successful New Year.